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You always wanted to be happy growing up….
Are you?

Sometimes that deep inner connection feels out of reach but you know life would work better if you had it.

We’ve all been taught life is hard, but you always thought if you kept trying to be happy that eventually you would be. Positive thinking and looking on the bright side really help, but then life gets busy, challenges come up and your smile starts to come out less. And stress; why does stress always come into it? Sometimes it feels like you’re on a yo-yo diet with happiness.

You’re often the positive person in the room, the person at work who can look for the positive or see another option – but sometimes you’re the only one. So many negative people, so much stress and complaining. And you’re getting really sick of it. Sometimes you don’t even want to spend time with the people you are meant to be friends with, because it can be so draining. You know you need to look after yourself more, replenish, fill up your cup, but how? When? Life is so busy and it feels like there is never enough time for everything.

And it’s not as if you’re not trying! you’ve got a stack of personal development books, you have used meditation apps and audios, but it’s really hard to be consistent. Especially when you only know a handful of other people who are into this stuff. Sometimes that deep inner connection feels out of reach but you know life would work better if you had it.

You ARE ready for something different!


The reason that day to day life can feel so difficult sometimes is that you don’t fit that model anymore (maybe you never did). Fitting into other people’s versions of life and living up to expectations that aren’t even yours are exhausting!

Even personal development and growth seems hard, it almost seems ironic that so many of the paths to feeling better and more free seem to be filled with pain, sadness and new rules! But what if it didn’t have to bgirl with automn leavese? What if we could show you a way to feel grounded, less stressed and HAPPIER that was actually ENJOYABLE?! Oh, and increase your energy 🙂

Finding your own flow, your own approach and enjoying YOUR life on a daily basis – everything is better this way!

And FUN! Finding your fun, using your sense of humour and creating a life you LOVE! Doesn’t that just feel so much better and lighter already?

And the journey doesn’t have to be lonely! In fact COMMUNITY and SUPPORT are two of the strongest indicators of how successful your growth and changes will be -and we want REAL change, SUSTAINABLE change, deep, beautiful, creative unfolding change. We want you to feel safe, and loved on this journey! And meet like-minded, open-hearted, incredible people along the way. Everything’s better with community!

So when we bring community, support and transformation together with fun, exploration, and enjoyment we start to see something different. Something Revolutionary.
And that’s why we’re creating the Enjoyment Revolution membership – the safe space & transformational environment, where you can be connected, supported, uplifted.
We believe high vibrational friendships are the foundation of a joyful life and an inspired community ~ and we would LOVE you to join us!

Are you ready to increase your capacity for joy?

If so, click the button and join the ENJOYMENT REVOLUTION – it will change the way you DO life!

The components of the membership will include

Monthly Content
Full of information, tools and processes, some of our special client only content and some exclusively made for the group

Private Facebook Group

There we can get to know each other, get support and share celebrations

We Live Life As It Should Be… Enjoyed


Remote Distance Healing

So you can do clearing work and get your energy topped up just by staying receptive

duo ER headsho

Total Safety

A safe space that radiates at a high vibration

Smiles and Laughter


Monthly Interviews

Monthly Interviews with Guest Experts and mentors

What Makes This Program Different

You Get Us

Not only do you get access to us. In addition to what we have planned for you, we like to create in real time and so you’ll get work that is relevant to what is actually happening in the world today that you cannot find in the mainstream

Our Mission

Enjoyment revolution is a community of people creating a new paradigm; connected, supported, uplifted. Together we are creating positive change that will cause a ripple effect, touching many lives.

High Vibration

We live, breathe and work in high vibration and that’s a big part of what we want to bring to you and how you move in life.

We make things fun

Meaningful transformation doesn’t HAVE to be hard. We are committed to your experience being joyful, expansive, high vibrational and transformational.

Meet Kris and Jeannine

jriantJeannine is a relationship designer and healer whose passion is helping people let go of all the excess stuff and get back to a strong inner connection. She helps you create a solid, compassionate and well-grounded relationship with YOURSELF and this then flows on through your relationship with your partner, children, career, health & yes, even your money!

Originally from Canada, Jeannine now lives in the rainforest of Costa Rica with her husband and 2 teenage girls. She loves art, dancing, the beach, and can laugh up a storm as she lives her Enjoyment Revolution daily!

selfie of KrisKris wants to live in a world where people love their lives and are open hearted, compassionate and kind. And quirky. And they laugh a lot.

As a Coach and Healer she’s seen people in all kinds of pain and stress in their lives and she believes it doesn’t have to be this way. Find what lights you up and do it. Drop the struggle, shift the stress. Become an Enjoyment Revolutionist. When she’s not helping lovely people in their life, health and business you can find her hanging out with her gorgeous fur-kids, giggling over lunch with friends, connecting with nature and art or creating recipes.

So much to look forward to during each month – here’s a sneak peek

If you’re a woman who wants more meaning and depth in your life, ER is a community that will support your growth mentally, energetically and emotionally. Unlike most personal development, we don’t just add things to your to do list, we choose to make it high vibrational, empowering and fun.

Themed Monthly Content

So here’s where we get REALLY excited! We get to play in our creative juices and bring you what you need in the moment. Yes ~ we will have a theme for the month and our content will reflect that theme. However, as we see the group evolve, ask questions and post their comments we’ll get to create an audio, video, meditation, a tool, a process that we feel the group needs in that moment and deliver it to you so that you can shift even more. That gets our mojo rockin’ because we’ll be flowing in the moment and as you inspire us we’ll be inspiring you – it’s a win win!

Facebook private group

We know how easy it is nowadays to jump on Facebook and so we want our community to be easily accessible. Facebook is where you can find Jeannine and Kris and every other member who wants to communicate quickly and reach out or support another member along the way.

Remote distance healing!

We will be sending you virtual love at a very high energy level. We will be sprinkling you with positive vibes, applying the skills and knowledge we have been trained in (from a distance) as we watch the magic unfold. One of the nice things about this approach is that you don’t have to do anything to benefit, simply be open and receptive.

Bonus Calls and extras

Every month we’ll have one of those. We may switch up the times because of our time zone but you’ll always have access to the replays so no worries. If you send us your questions ahead of time or just want to jump on and ask away that’s cool. We’ll support you the best way we know how and we’ll create a safe space to do so.

Access to courses

Courses, programs, masterminds, retreats, there’s so much that we are going to be creating. We already have these ideas flowing in our minds and we will bring them to fruition. Our members will have full access to participate at a discounted price. Some of these courses may be time sensitive and others you will be able to access when you feel the time is right.

High Vibration is where we play

We’ll regularly present you with high vibing speakers. They’ll bring you insights, nuggets and their best practices to inspire you to create your own Enjoyment Revolution, the way you want to live it. The exclusive interview and guest content won’t be available anywhere else.

If you are struggling with a decision or stuck in your life and are looking to find your path, take a session with Jeannine. She will unravel the questions and remove the obstacles to allow you to move forward. Thank you, Jeannine, for helping me get through this difficult time in my life.

Carrie Chmielewicz

”I’ve spent a lot of time trying to give it all away and all that did was deplete me and cause me lots of headaches. It wasn’t until Kris helped me focus on what I MOST wanted, I could then focus on what I could offer the world. Kris never seemed to run out of ideas or nudges. Her spirit is wonderful. I am truly grateful for our time together and would not change one thing about it! ”

– Quiana Murray

“Beyond Kris’s exceptional knowledge and skills, I have deeply enjoyed and cherished her refreshing laughter and engagement on a playful, yet deeply transformational level. Her coaching, insights and delightfulness is one of a kind and I gladly recommend you take the opportunity to know and work with her.”

Dr Biljana Karamehmedovic, ND, CNHP, CHNP

“Working with Kris helped me refocus on my own health to ensure that I could run my business effectively. Kris has a lot of experience to share and does so in a way that is engaging, loving and fun. While I was working with Kris, my business evolved from strength to strength as I followed my passion and focused more on what gave me joy and released what didn’t. I am now at a place in my life and my business that is extremely satisfying and empowering.”

Ayesha Hilton

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you wish to keep making monthly payments your membership will be active. You get to decide and we won’t ask any questions if you decide to move on your merry way. If it’s a merry way than we know enjoyment revolution has worked it’s magic on you and we’ll be thrilled. If that’s the case, maybe you’ll be our next interviewee (the possibilities are endless and we know it!)
You can spend as little or as much time as you wish during the month. If you choose to simply bathe in the remote distance healing, that in itself will bring you another layer of openness and a change in perspective. If you wish to play with the mini-content bundle, the tips and tools will be short and sweet – between 5 and 10 minutes each. You can pick the ones you enjoy and then listen or move through them as often as you like throughout the month. And finally, there is the Facebook group where you can choose to be active and support others as you ask and look for support yourself.
As soon as you click the button and make payment you will have access to the membership site and we will guide you through the process. If you’re a founding member, you’ll be moving through some of the initial hoops with us. Be patient as we create a space that will change the way you do life!
You can choose to pay monthly payments or have the option of a annual payment option. Once you’ve selected your method of payment, you will be directed to our secure online shopping cart to pay via paypal or credit card. Once your payment goes through, you will receive a follow-up email that will give you all the instructions you need to get ready for creating your enjoyment revolution and get ready to change the way you do life!
At this point we’re inviting all who want to release, reset and re-connect. All who want to shift their perspective and increase their capacity for joy (and so much more!) We are starting out and we’re open to the ebb and flow of what will transpire as we move ahead. If you don’t want to be left behind we suggest you joyfully invest in what you love and join a community that bathes in high vibration and which we hope will inspire the world to do the same.
We’re looking to cater for multiple timezones to be as inclusive as possible. Jeannine is in Costa Rica and Kris is in Australia – so if we’re on a call together a good part of the world will be able to join us. We may switch those times up and we will definitely give you the replays so you can benefit to the max and not skip a beat.
You sure can and you will not miss a heartbeat. Whenever you join, you will have access to what is happening at that moment and our archived material. So it’s simply a win-win for you.
Yes! We absolutely love deep diving into your being and going deep into your processes with you one-on-one. In Enjoyment Revolution, you have the option of scheduling private sessions with either Kris or Jeannine within their time schedule and for an extra fee.
You have to make smart investments when it comes to you. If you feel we haven’t answered all of your questions here, absolutely email us – you can find us at enjoyment revolution@gmail (dot) com. (I broke that up so the spam-bots don’t get us!!) Kris, Jeannine or someone from the team will get back to you asap! Can’t wait to have you on board – life is too short for you to not live your enjoyment revolution fully – let us help support you along your journey.

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