Enjoyment Revolution is a movement. Our goal is to change the paradigm and worldview that life is supposed to be hard, full of struggle and settling. It is time to change to a life you ENJOY – a life that is defined by YOU, guided by your uniqueness and your joy! It is time to be connected to your inner resources, empowered in your emotions and strengthened in your wholeness.

From anxiety, depression, perfectionism to relationship breakdowns, we realized that although life looked “successful” on the outside, it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and something was missing! Creating a life balance seemed far out of sight and we wanted off this crazy rollercoaster! So we sought change, we sought growth, we sought help, healing and mentors. It was a journey that we wanted to support others on. This breakthrough was the foundation for us creating Enjoyment Revolution, where we can connect with happiness and like-minded people who are in need of support and coaching for a deeper meaningful life.

Jeannine Riant

Jeannine is an energy worker, facilitator and an Akashic connector who is full of positive energy, self awareness, and true happiness. Being an Enjoyment Revolutionist and living it daily, Jeannine not only enjoys being an inspiration to those that have lost connection with themselves and their dream lives, but she enjoys teaching others how to live and embrace the life they desire.

Choosing from an array of modalities, Jeannine offers one-on-one support for women who are ready to experience their life and their potential in a new and wonderful way. She will facilitate a journey of self-discovery and healing that results in you experiencing better love relationships, increased wealth and actualized purpose, all the while meeting you where you are as she supports you towards your next steps.

Her gift is illuminating what you need to let go of in order to experience your authentic, vibrant self – and gives you the tools, support and resources to fully embrace and own who you choose to be in this lifetime.

Co-creator of the ENJOYMENT REVOLUTION, she is on a mission to create a positive ripple effect of high vibrational living that she believes will truly change the way YOU DO LIFE!

Kris McLeod

Kris wants to live in a world where people love their lives and are open hearted, compassionate and kind. And quirky. And they laugh a lot.

Kris is deeply passionate about happiness and helping people live better lives, and she believes that being empowered in your health, work and life makes that experience richer. She loves to help her clients be full, whole, happy and actualized, and still have an amazing business & life, without sacrificing wellbeing, family, friends or self.

As a Coach and Healer she’s seen people in all kinds of pain and stress in their lives and she believes it doesn’t have to be this way. Find what lights you up and do it. Drop the struggle, shift the stress. Become an Enjoyment Revolutionist.

When she’s not helping lovely people in their life, health and business you can find her hanging out with her gorgeous fur-kids, giggling over lunch with friends, connecting with nature and art or creating recipes.

Kris has a background in science, health, education, wellness and business. She owns a wellness centre, is a qualified & experienced health and business coach and is co-founder of Enjoyment Revolution.