Take A Stand On Happiness

Taking a Stand for Happiness in a stressful world

We all want to be happy! But why does it seem so hard?  To answer a very complicated question in a simple way ~ it’s because the way most people look at happiness is pretty mixed up!

Usually happiness is seen as something that we attain getting or achieving something else, as though it is a by product, rather than a primary goal itself.  I’ll be happy when….. You hear it all the time!
(I bet you’ve said it yourself!)

I’ll be happy WHEN I have more money…..get this job……. have enough clients, am thinner/healthier/in a relationship…..you get the idea!
Sometimes it’s “happier when” ….something is fixed, a pain is healed, a stress is overcome…

By attaching your happiness to the outcome of something outside yourself; not only do you delay your happiness and give away the power of the situation – you also say loud and clear that you don’t deserve the happiness UNTIL you have jumped through the hoops you have set up for yourself.

Well we say ENOUGH!!
We say you deserve to be happier NOW! And we’re taking a STAND FOR HAPPINESS!

There is nothing wrong with having goals, intentions and desired outcomes but your HAPPINESS DOESN’T HAVE TO WAIT for those to be achieved!

In fact IT’S THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!! Almost anything you want in life becomes EASIER when you are HAPPY!!

~ Take a moment to let that sink in! ~

The equation we were taught has some missing pieces!
When you start with happiness everything else becomes easier; the “more” goals -more money/career satisfaction/better health/better relationships & the “less” goals -less pain/fear/stress/problems. And as an added bonus when you stop looking outside of yourself to create happiness and actually increase your inner happiness you can re-evaluate your goals, desires and intentions and decide what truly fits the happier you 🙂

So are you ready to take a stand for your happiness?

Just in case you need a bit more convincing we have complied this list of what happiness can do for you beyond helping you feel good 🙂

  • • Happiness DRASTICALLY improves relationships and feelings of connection with others.
    • Happiness IMPROVES positive outlook and mindset
    • Happiness DIRECTLY increases your success and performance at work and in your business
    • Happiness SIGNIFICANTLY improves neurotransmitter balance, brain health and eases        depression
    • Happiness HELPS you sleep better, relax deeper and have more energy
    • Happiness SUPERCHARGES your manifestation!
    • Happiness has the POWER to improve your finances, increase abundance and feel more  gratitude for what you already have.
    • Happiness EXPANDS your perception of wealth in non-financial terms (wealth of beautiful  relationships, health, etc..)
    • Happiness INCREASES creativity, problem-solving ability and left-right brain communication
    • Happiness IMPROVES your authenticity towards self and others
    • Happiness RAISES your confidence
    • Happiness brings BALANCED generosity
    • Happiness gives you PERMISSION to follow your own path
    • Happiness helps you get THROUGH the rough moments, life challenges and deep seeded  change
    • Happiness helps you CENTRE yourself and ‘being centered’ increases happiness
    • Happiness DIRECTLY decreases stress and anxiety, improves hormonal balance and blood  sugar and a whole host of biological health markers

So with outcomes like that, ask yourself honestly…
Are you ready to make the commitment to be happy?

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