On doing what it takes

One of the biggest challenges in life is staying committed, doing what it takes, sticking with the goals and plans when life gets hard. Or when challenges come up. Or when you get bored. Or disheartened. Or just generally exhausted, overwhelmed and feel like running away. Well maybe your goals and plans and life don’t fit you anymore and instead of sucking it up and doing what’s expected of you it’s time to slow down, breathe and reconnect.


This isn’t the pep-talk you thought it would be is it? What no inspirational quote? No you can do it, just dream bigger, get up earlier, work harder? Or manifest it, visualise it, clear the way… just on the edge of burnout and exhaustion as you essentially keep pushing though….. Nope.¬† If you really want that goal & it actually IS your dream & it really, really fits YOU; then I do, indeed, have some tips for you.

But first lets breathe.

*actually do this*
  • Take a deep breath,
  • hold it for a few seconds…….let it go.
  • ……breathe again…..this time fill your lungs up as much as you can and when you hold squeeze your ribs, arms, shoulders….
  • and. Let. It. ALL. GO!!
  • …..feel that tension release?

That was all that pushing and striving and stressing sitting around reminding you of all the thing you have done and have to do and how busy you are and and and….take another deep breath!

You don’t “have” to do anything.
Thats one of our favourite sayings in our house when things are getting busy and overwhelming. One of us will be saying “have to” far too much and the other will pipe up with “you don’t HAVE to do anything” to cut through the noise. The correct reply is “except breathe”……truthfully there are a couple of things we need to do other than breathe, but everything else can be avoided or delayed for a while. (Whereas even if you hold your breath until you pass out, you will start breathing again automatically).

define and reconsider your goals and plans.

The challenges that are coming up are an opportunity to either redefine or recommit to your goals. If you realise that what you are stressing about isn’t really a fit anymore then its time to get clear on what you DO want. Give yourself time to do this, if you make reactionary goals chances are you will end up stressed and exhausted again.
Perhaps it’s not the goal that has changed, but the WAY you are going it about it that is due for a shift -being hard on yourself is not going to help you enjoy the process.
And recommitting to the original goal, or the changed one is POWERFUL! Look at why you want it, the emotions connected to it, what it means to YOU! When the big why behind the goal has deep meaning and you feel connected to and uplifted by your bigger goals and dreams they will  DRAW YOU FORWARD!
When the vision and meaning is bigger than the setbacks and challenges it becomes so much easier to do what it takes!
And even Enjoy the process….now isn’t that a little bit revolutionary?
If you would like to learn more about getting connected to a bigger vision of your life then jump into your Enjoyment Revolution. To learn more click here.

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