Ebb and Flow

Ebb and flow of inner connection

Inner connection is a place of knowing, a place of connection but… which connection? The inner one, the wise one, the inside one – the “inner” being YOU in all your splendor, your cohesiveness, your understanding, your compassion, your turmoil, your expression, your confusion and so much more. Everything we feel, we create, we believe, we value resides within our inner connection.

To move through life with it as your guide becomes a powerful way of living.

Are you ready to embark on the dance floor of the ebb and flow? As you move through life and follow your internal rhythm, this rhythm permits you to explore deeply who you are if you so choose to. This rhythm that you come into life with constantly changes and through these changes you deepen your awareness, enliven your life and access your inner joy, peace and love.

The more you tune in and the more you act upon this inner guidance, this inner connection, life opens up to more possibility, more of what you desire, more of the ease and grace that you seek. Will challenges arise? Of course they will but as you deepen the inner connection and follow your natural rhythm, those challenges will be met with a sense of positivity and balanced vitality.

The infinity sign shows this so well, this back-and-forth movement, in a sideways figure 8, your rhythms reaching out to change, to learn, and then grow as it comes back to your center to be anchored, felt, and then applied. Then moving away in another direction to gain more consciousness, more information, more knowing to bring it back again to the center to be defined, refined and claimed! That is the Ebb and flow that your rhythms move through.

Compare it to the tides in the ocean. The tide going out is the ebb. Where things retreat, leave, let go, take what no longer serves you and releases it back into the ocean. But as the tide comes in (in flow), it picks up the positive, what will move and push you forward as you keep going on your journey.

This flow, this learning of your rhythms happens in the opposite of ‘doing’. Our society shows us how to go go go in the external world, but it is now time to bring it back in the internal world.

Your thoughts, your actions, your words, your presence, speak loudly. Simply stop for a few moments and check in to your center, in your being and notice what it has been trying to tell you for a little while. Your rhythms will come and go, some will stay, some may change your life dramatically and others will be gentle reminders. Take them all in and be mindful of the ebb and flow.

What would you say is one of your natural rhythms? We welcome you to share because as we do so others gain insight and know that they are not alone.

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