WHat moves your soul and creates happiness?

What moves your soul?

“When you do things from your soul, a river moves through you.  Freshness and a deep joy are the signs.” ~ Rumi

Do you nurture what feeds your soul?  Do you shout it out with pizazz from the rooftops?  Or do you connect with your soul in a strong inner silence that quietly moves mountains?  Your soul is constantly growing, shifting, changing and as you start to connect and flow with it; a deep joy, an inner resonance and a passion for life awaits your embrace.

It’s about inner connection. In order to listen to your soul you need to be quiet, listen deeply and connect inwardly.  This can be done through meditation, through deep breathing, through practices of gratitude that uplift and create a feeling of well-being which in turn connect you deeper to your source.  

But how do you know it’s working?

For some of you, knowing that it actually works is simply sensing a feeling that things are moving in the right direction in your life.  For others, there are many things, many moments of concrete experiences that emerge and materialize leading to a blissful ‘aha moment’.  This revelation begins the journey inward and you will start to see your soul thriving, feeling, creating, moving in the right direction.

As you dive deep into learning, discovering and accessing your soul level, life starts to take interesting twists and turns.  By shifting your perspective and increasing your soulful connection, life becomes easier.

In doing so, you align yourself with your divine source, giving you permission to create the life you inwardly and secretly desire.   It’s no secret that we’re here to do just that!

The question is, are you ready to walk that path?  Are you ready to say yes to you?  Are you ready to let go of old habits, old ways, things that do not serve you anymore, in order to embrace your greatness?  Are you ready to join forces with your deeper self, gain clarity and live authentically?

If so, Enjoyment Revolution may just be what you need.   A place where people are supported as a they deep dive (or lightly dive within) and connect, by conscious choice, to their soulful divine source.

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    1. Author
      Jeannine Riant

      Absolutely Renee – as you’ve mentioned moment to moment and each day – it is so important. Our soul is moved by what we desire, love and enjoy and that is how we can move through life with flow. Lots of love Renee – xo

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