Conscious Choice

The Collin’s dictionary states that conscious choice means “choosing what is morally and ethically right based on one’s conscience”. When we read that, it seems to make sense and to think that it would be very easy to choose, to make a decision based on something that we believe is right. But for many, it is not an easy feat.

For some people, making decisions has never been taught. Others, making ‘the decision’ means that there’s a questioning in the form of “Will I make the right decision?” Making decisions becomes a challenge when you feel judged or you judge yourself deeply, when you fear the worst, when you have limiting beliefs. So how do you start creating a new pattern, a way to feel at ease with your decision-making and to deeply know that the choice you are making truly aligns with your consciousness?

Awareness is a key factor, as well as your internal meaning of your choice. Societal norms, your up-bringing and many other factors play a role in creating your decisions making patterns. What if you were to make a conscious choice through your own personal filters, through the connection to your heart, that aligns with your value system, without it having to be in accordance with the rest of the world?

Awareness opens you up to seeing, understanding, comprehending how you tick… how you move in this world. So as your awareness expands, so do your skills. Call them coping skills if you wish, simply know the connection between your thoughts and you’re awareness are one of the first steps into living a life connected and aligned with your conscious choices.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, it may mean that the next time you have a decision to make, the impact of what you choose will influence your end result. So instead of just making decisions just because… more thought, more introspection, more check in as to what it may create in your life will be taken into consideration before your actual decision is made.

An example would be the following; you are getting ready to try something new, to learn a new skill and the first words that you notice popping in your mind are “I can’t… I won’t be able to…” You are now noticing those words, those thoughts and so you get to make a conscious choice to not buy into that old story. And that is a first step in changing your choice pattern, and making a conscious choice.

It starts with baby steps. By connecting to what you want to change as you become awake, as you realize something needs to change in your life and from that moment on you choose to move in a positive direction, aligned with your thoughts beliefs and values. You decide let go the old story and embark on a new one.

Conscious choice… it’s in your hands

If you’d like to know more about conscious choice and what to do next after you’ve created awareness check out Enjoyment Revolution here. We have tons of resources on conscious choice.



  1. Renee Brown

    Wonderful way to clarify the process of conscious choice. I am finding in recent weeks, that as I move up the spiral into another higher level of consciousness and approach the new choices presented- or approach the same choices from a new perspective- the process of conscious choice is different for me. It feels good and a bit wobbly, all at the same time 🌞 I am needing more presence as I feel for the ideal choice. Any tips you can offer, Kris or Jeannine? ❤💛💚💙💜

    1. Author
      Jeannine Riant

      Yes Renee ~ moving and shifting as you up-level can bring about changes that are exciting and at the same time choosing different choices on a conscious level becomes a new way of moving in life. One of the things we recommend is to get really clear on what is your YES and what is your NO within your own body. Take a few deep breaths in and ground yourself – connecting to your feet, feeling the presence of the earth underneath you and find a neutral space, a neutral feeling. A place where things just are. From that place think of a happy thought, a thought that you would absolutely say YES to and see how your body reacts. Does it tingle in your heart, do you get chills, do you feel lighter, do you feel movement up towards your heart/throat chakra? Then… come back to neutral. Once there. Think of something you would absolutely say NO to. Feel and sense into how that moves in your body. Does it feel heavier, does the sensation move towards the bottom of your belly, is there a tension. Know that these are just examples – you may have something completely different happen to you and that’s ok. The goal is to practice getting to know what your body tells you. The more you do, when the time comes to make a conscious choice, you can then have a way of double checking within. Practice even when you do not need it. When you do… you’ll know exactly what you’re looking for. Hope this helps Renee – love and hugs to you 🙂

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