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What’s Does Your List Of Happy Look Like?

Everyday there’s a little something or a place where you can find happy! It doesn’t have to be an adventurous trip down south, to a tropical island, surrounded by your own personal server, drinking and eating to your heart’s content.

Well… ok, that could definitely be a happy moment but all we’re saying is it doesn’t have to be that glorious, that elaborate, that big. Happy is not something you get from the outside, that you work towards, that you have to have in order to be happy. Does that mean that outside sources of happy are not valid? Absolutely not. What we reach for, outside of our being to make us happy, is legitimate. Look at people who dance, sing, create (paint, wood work, horticulturists), people who help others, who sit in silence with themselves, who pay it forward and there are so many more examples.

All these people are working to create or are doing something they love and in return they feel that love within themselves. And THAT is where lies the key to happiness. Yes, all the outside stuff resonates with you and your beliefs but then how does it make you feel?

How does…

  • a lovely flower 
  • a smile from a friend
  • a compassionate hug
  • great news that makes you jump for joy
  • a tear of relief
  • a tear of release
  • a splendid vacation
  • a dancing moment
  • a beautiful sunset
  • a glass of wine with friends
  • a deep conversation
  • a moment of silence
  • a good book
…make you feel on the inside? 
Add to this list, grow your happy list, find the one or the 10 things that excite you from deep within, that makes your belly flip and flop with joy, that makes you laugh a deep belly laugh. 
There is your Happy place.  And then… do more of that, add it to your daily routine, to your spontanious moments, you never know where happy can lead until you really start living “happy!
Here’s our challenge to you today.
Add 10 more happy things that really vibrate with your inner being.  That connect to who you are, that bring an inner smile as well as an outer smile and that simply feels gorgeously delightful in your belly.  That’s when you know the happy that you are creating on the outside, is definitely touching your insides.
Find your happy!  Find it and hold on to it, watch it expand even amongst your daily doing’s and embrace the part of you that wants more of that.
‘Cause from experience, the more you grab on to that happy place, that beauty space, that loving touch, more of it will come your way.
Here’s to YOUR Happy today!

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