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Empowerment Month in Enjoyment Revolution

This month in the Enjoyment Revolution we are talking about Empowerment.

The word Empowerment has been thrown around a lot these last few years, and we hear it in many contexts. Empowerment crosses over into power, confidence, permission, authority and so many other arenas. It can even be used in disempowering ways ~ really? YES… really.

At Enjoyment Revolution we like to look at Empowering YOURSELF!

So what does that look like?

Clarity, confidence and boundaries that feel really good. A way of living that actually makes sense with your values, beliefs and personality. More fun. More “me time”. Less “should’s, less overgiving. And not waiting for someone else’s permission – you give YOURSELF permission over your life, your feelings, your choices. (we don’t mean bossing everyone around, but you get to be the boss of YOU). and so much more 😉

As you take a look at your life, where could you use a little more empowerment? What might shift if you gave yourself permission? Knowing that the permission you give yourself was to feed your biggest passions and your highest desires.

That simple act of giving you permission could be what starts the ball rolling for you to engage in a happy and fulfilled life. To help you along, let us start by giving you permission to give yourself permission… and GO… now… discover where you need to empower yourself and let the world be your oyster!

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