Welcome To the Enjoyment Revolution

If you’re a woman who wants more meaning and depth in her life, then we are so glad you found us! Enjoyment Revolution is a community that will support your growth mentally, energetically and emotionally. Unlike most personal development life coaches, we don’t just add things to your to do list, we choose to make it high vibrational, empowering and fun.

Join The Revolution

Coaches Who Understand

Sometimes life can feel so up and down, it’s like you’re on a yo-yo diet with happiness! But at Enjoyment Revolution we understand. Founders, Kris and Jeannine have been there too!

From anxiety, depression, perfectionism to relationship breakdowns, we realized that although life looked “successful” on the outside, it wasn’t enjoyable anymore and something was missing! Creating a life balance seemed far out of sight and we wanted off this crazy rollercoaster! So we sought change, we sought growth, we sought help, healing and mentors. It was a journey that we wanted to support others on. This breakthrough was the foundation for us creating Enjoyment Revolution, where we can connect with happiness and like-minded people who are in need of support and coaching for a deeper meaningful life.

Transform Your Life

We found that the game changer for us was to expand our happiness and be clear about what was important to us AND live our life aligned with happiness.


Enjoyment Revolution is a movement. Our goal is to change the paradigm and worldview that life is supposed to be hard, full of struggle and settling. It is time to change to a life you ENJOY – a life that is defined by YOU, guided by your uniqueness and your joy! It is time to be connected to your inner resources, empowered in your emotions and strengthened in your wholeness.

In short we want you to LOVE your life. Join the Revolution today!

Kris and Jeannine have a great energy and what they speak of really resonate deeply with me. I would recommend you joining this group as it has shifted the way I look at my life and it has brought me more happiness and joy in a way that I am grateful.

– Erin Caldwell 

Jeannine is awesome! I’ve been working on and off with Jeannine in Costa Rica for a few years now. She warms my heart every time we connect. She has offered me growing opportunities with her wonderful, loving, passionate, sensitive and guiding energy. If you haven’t heard of or are not a part of the Enjoyment Revolution, I highly recommend you do so. It will lift up your spirits, bring you a new perspective on a life filled with joy and happiness as you step into your strength and inner wisdom.

– Jamie Cross

I have known Jeannine for a few years now both personally and through her private work. I can attest to her genuine heart that simply wants to help others thrive. I have joined Enjoyment Revolution and I am enjoying the calls, the processes, tools and tips that Kris and Jeannine consistently offer and create on a monthly basis. I would highly recommend you joining the Revolution – it has shown me new ways of seeing life through different eyes.

– Sophia Armstrong